Dog Training Curriculum for Reactive Dogs and Their People


Hi! I’m Ines Gaschot and I’m so happy you’re here!

Accompany your lessons or group classes with our step-by-step video and written dog training curriculum for reactive dogs. Offer your clients detailed videos and notes to go back to when you’re not there to help them in-person with my leash aggression classroom curriculum.

Don’t Leave Your Clients Stranded In-between Lessons!

Give your clients access to pre-approved positive-reinforcement based dog training videos and descriptions to review before and after their lessons with you.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Go above and beyond for your clients by providing them with in-depth information and support for their difficult, reactive dog.

Have a Structured Approach to Fearful or Insecure Dog Behavior Issues

Lets face it, every reactive dog has to learn a certain set of skills to function in real life. My curriculum sets you and your clients up with a structured training plan to teach foundations and create opportunities for positive associations along the way. I include behaviors the manage situations and behaviors to help the dog create positive associations with their triggers.

Following a training plan allows you to see clear progress along the way, helps your clients complete their homework while you’re not with them, and allows you to trouble shoot if something isn’t working.

The written explanations and information are absolutely sound regarding reactivity, learning theory, and the science of behavior.  The information clearly written and easily accessible for readers who aren’t dog professionals. Tena Parker, Success Just Clicks!

Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) Training Curriculum

This lesson comes from the plan I use with my own dog training clients. Every reactive dog client learns the skills I outline and demonstrate on video in this lesson plan and now I’m making it available trainers like you!

If your training approve revolves around the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach, then you’ll understand my approach to training. This curriculum uses positive-reinforcement based training methods to teach dogs new skills while helping them build confidence and positive associations with the world around them.

As a professional dog trainer in Denver, Colorado, I see leash aggression has become frighteningly prevalent. Fixing it can be frustrating for dog owners because it is expensive to hire a professional trainer and difficult to verify their expertise in fixing this challenging (and sometimes dangerous) behavioral problem.

Leash aggression expert Ines Gaschot, has solved both of these problems by creating a masterpiece — the Leash Aggression Classroom. It allows dog owners to access state-of-the-art training expertise via articles, videos, forums and even one-on-one interaction with a trainer who specializes in leash aggression. I am proud to endorse the Leash Aggression Classroom and Ines Gaschot, and I will be sending clients here to supplement their training programs with this amazing resource. – Thomas Aaron (FetchMasters, LLC)

What’s in the Structured Curriculum?

So what exactly do I include in this curriculum? Well, here’s the plan:

0196f26657de23114a0993f714ce54823832e7fba8Course Layout

  • What is Leash Aggression? – An Overview of Why Dogs Behave This Way
  • Session #1 – The Basics
  • Session #2 – Management Skills
  • Session #3 – Conditioning Exercises
  • Implementing Techniques on Walks – How to Use These Skills in Real Life Scenarios

Each lesson includes a video, written description, and an image depicting the mechanics of each skill. I wanted to make sure I could make the information easily digestible for all my clients.

With her Leash Aggression Classroom, Ines Gaschot has created something truly helpful, practical and innovative in a web format. This is not only a one-stop shop for information on leash aggression and humane training methods, but it offers a step-by-step method specially designed to help with this common problem. From the tips on time management and planning, to the short, clear modules, to the incredible lesson plans, and to the consideration of different learning styles, one tends to run out of superlatives for the Leash Aggression Classroom. – Eileen Anderson of Eileen and Dogs Blog

What You Get With the Leash Aggression Classroom

  • Happy clients that have access to resources and videos to review when they’re not with you.
  • Partner Logo you can proudly display on your website.
  • Free listing in our Dog Trainer directory.
  • Structured curriculum for all your reactive dog cases to use in private lessons or group classes.

How Much Does It Cost to Use?

Ok, let’s get down to the numbers. This project has taken me months to complete and its a resource I find extremely valuable to use with my clients in-between lessons. Additionally, I want to help as many positive dog trainers succeed with their clients because that helps more dogs in the long run. That’s why I’m offering your first month FREE so you can try it out before you commit!

After that, it’s only $25 a month to give all your reactive dog clients access to the videos, instructions, images, and quizzes in this classroom. No hidden fees. No gimmicks!

Start your free month today!